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Changelog & Documentation

PistonPusher, in one sentence, is an add-on dedicated to the fine arts of pistons and actuators, for Blender!

It can rig advanced/complicated pistons that exist out of any number of objects. Most if not all types of pistons are supported. Including telescopic pistons. It supports multiple rig types but the one that I use the most myself is the stretchable rig type.

As implied, this rig type can simply stretch its length. It allows users to instance pistons in retracted or extended state but it's also really useful while working on mechanical systems. A great example is a landing gear, which might require some fiddling.

Additionally, PistonPusher offers templates and 'parts' to help modelling some very common piston types. You can also add your own parts. Parts in this context are simply collections/groups of objects that form a part of a piston, like a mount, piston rod or hose connector pieces.

To complete the package, a variety of tools are available. Such as HAP's, a snap modal, the Weird Align Tool modal, the set bone as parent tool. These can even be useful outside the scope of PistonPusher.

A list of the most important features:

  • Rig pistons and rotary actuators.
  • Template and part system with part create utilities.
  • Custom mode for subd modelling/external sources.
  • HAPS - Hose Attachment Points, geometry nodes solution for quick cylindrical extrusions on curved surfaces.
  • Piston Multi-place.
  • General piston utilities.
  • Piston snap tool and modal.
  • WAT Modal and Track to and apply operator.
  • Custom Snap selected to active.
  • Cardan/universal joint rig and a tool to combine them with piston instances.
  • Set bone as parent tool.
  • Set child-of tool.
  • Copy booleans tool.
  • Linked duplicate radial arrays.
  • Specialized asset/collection management.

And more!

PistonPusher comes with 65 parts, 38 pistons(Some have been made by MX1001) and multiple example files.

Bonus content:

  • A set of pistons made by MX1001.
  • A K-pack with 30+ nuts and bolts and most of pistons.
  • The nuts and bolts decal pack

Video's(more here):

Pistons bought elsewhere:

You can load the custom mode and copy/append the piston and make it compatible, you may need to use additional empties and/or separate the mesh into at least 2 parts, the cylinder and the piston rod. (Use empties and designate those as mounts in this case.) If you need help, feel free to contact me!

Other add-ons:

There should be few to no limitations when it comes to other add-ons. I use quite a few myself. Like Hard Ops, Decal Machine, Kit Ops and more. The custom creation mode is very flexible! 


- user feedback!

- general improvements.


For issues, questions or suggestions, contact me at: aschellekens09@gmail.com or message me on blenderartist. Link to blenderartists forum post at top of page.

Operating system and/or requirements:

Pistonpusher only relies on python. Its a safe bet that it'll work on most modern operating systems.  Add-on has been tested on linux. Developed on windows. MacOS is currently still untested.


All code falls under the GPL license. Any assets provided by PistonPusher, with the only exception being the free piston, fall under a standard-royalty-free license.

  • Pistonpusher, 30+ pistons, 65 parts, Pistonpusher k-pack, Nuts and bolts decal pack (60 decals - DecalMachine), Example files, MX1001 bonus content.

  • Pistonpusher, 30+ pistons, 65 parts, Pistonpusher k-pack, Nuts and bolts decal pack (60 decals - DecalMachine), Example files, MX1001 bonus content.
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PistonPusher 5.0.0

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