Add primitive menu - Edit mode v1.4

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Add primitive menu - Edit mode v1.4

Alexander Schellekens
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Requires blender 2.93+

A handy, fast, little add-on that can serve as a block out tool or a precision placement tool. It also offers a fast way to create transform orientations.

To use:

Install add-on.

Enter edit mode (mesh object)

Select mesh element(s)

Press Shift + A

If you did not select anything but still have a temporary transform orientation from an earlier time, it will be removed if you press shift + A. In this case the old default add mesh menu will show instead of this add-on.

Add-on behaves differently depending on edit mode type, IE, the same selection will give different results depending on whether you're in vertex, edge or face mode. It only evaluates geometry connected to your selection.




* Error when an edge only has 1 connected face.

* Set 3d cursor ensures cursor rotation mode is set to xyz euler when used.


* Set 3d cursor now stores a pre-defined amount of 3d cursor matrices(in the blend file). By default it's set to 20. It can also 'record' changes made to the 3d cursor by other add-ons/means of setting it.

- This option is currently only available after the operator was used at least once(record button).


- Removed cursor matrices system

- Addon name changed to Edit mode: Add primitive

- Add-on now generates primitives itself instead of using bpy.ops, preventing it from changing operator defaults on the native add primitive operators

- Re-do panel offers access to location and rotation in local object space and primitive specific parameters

- Added icosphere primitive

- Placing a primitive mesh results in the mesh being selected, hold alt to separate and switch to obj mode. Hold ctrl to deselect everything after placing

- With nothing selected, pressing shift a will clear the _temporary transform orientation, if its active. The native add primitive menu won't show immediately

I want this!

Add primitive menu - edit mode add-on

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